Los Angeles Branding Agency Technology Case Study:  Lessoneer®


Los Angeles branding agency Articulated Brands® had the unique privilege of consulting upon the re-branding of an education technology (EdTech) company’s SAAS revolutionary product. Designed to be an easy-to-access resource for school and teachers to identify and access curriculum-aligned resources, the product had the capacity to strike right at the heart of so many of the challenges our schools, systems and students are facing today. But Sales needed more leads and more electricity and dynamism in their presentations and in their demos.

And Marketing knew they needed a clean break free from the old-school ways of promoting and selling without a strong and strategic brand foundation in place.

The Message-centric Branding® process

While the internal team had already gone through several weeks of internal name exploration… and had done a beyond admirable job, they simply weren’t entirely sold that their number one contender was the brand winner. Positioning and branding consultant Scott Silverman led the company’s key stakeholders through an intensive briefing process that enabled him to arrive at tighter statements of UVP and USP. From there, it was off to naming, logo design, website concepts and copy, website design and the outlining and shooting of two videos. The Message-centric Branding® approach Silverman uses puts a higher strategic bar in place when it comes to name generation and website development, but it’s also immensely helpful to any copy and design creatives (including himself) because they know their key “hit points” going in.

The creative deliverables and their results

The newly positioned, dubbed and branded company took the shape of a new website and a testimonial-based video so that teachers and administrators could benefit from the first-hand experience of their peers. Full of benefit-rich copy but with a wholly human and emotional tone, together, consultant and client together, transformed their technology product into a tool for the real heroes in the equation, our nation’s teachers. As a result of the re-brand, the company experienced unprecedented levels of interest, understanding and excitement… a significant increase in leads and subscribed school districts… and deals with major publishers of educational content.

Your key brand takeaways

A genuine spirit of collaboration is a hallmark of leaders… because, frankly, nobody has all the answers and leverage is the name of all business games. Don’t be afraid of seeking out a fresh perspective when it comes to your brand and your marketing. In this case, the company’s marketing director was so strong and confident in his own abilities, he didn’t view anything Silverman said as an ego battle or an affront to his own sparkling intelligence. He simply viewed Silverman as a brand strategy and creative asset to the team. Hooray for Ralph Risch! Hooray for you, too, if you’re leading your company and your marketing with that level of teamwork and people smarts.