Los Angeles Branding Agency Professional Services Case Study: OrgoDomo®


Los Angeles Branding Agency Articulated Brands® was called in to consult on the re-naming and re-branding of a niche, luxury business. Tom Nevermann, previously known as The Moving Doctor, had created a one-of-a-kind business that put his one-of-a-kind skillset to good work. The company specializes in upscale moving coordination and home/estate organization and has earned an avid following amongst Hollywood talent and SoCal’s affluent.

The Message-centric Branding Process

Because the client had already worked with another branding and naming firm that hadn’t take time to adequately listen and invest itself into the enterprise, branding consultant Silverman insisted the company follow a more thorough and immersive process to brand discovery. The client concurred and, together with his in-house team, the group set about better defining and articulating the company’s targets, its mission, its differentiators, its key adjectives, and, most importantly, its vision and values overlaps.

The creative services deliverables and their results

Starting with a “clean brand brief” in place, it was a more efficient process to get to a solid name, logo, website content and website design. A one-sheet “leave behind” was also created for in-person client meetings. With a new brand strategy and brand identity in place, the client was now confident that his company, including the words, reflected his real self and the genuine value of his refined, bespoke services. Whereas he had previously held back in his outreach activities due to a dated, old-school presence, the new brand helped him open new doors with new clients, real estate agents and other strategic partners.

Your key brand takeaways

Word-of-mouth is critical to business success, mine, yours and everybody else’s. But instead of using this as an excuse for “why we don’t market” or “why we don’t brand and market harder,” you can also frame the question another way. What if there are things you can do that actually provide the matchstick to greater word-of-mouth?