Los Angeles Branding Consultant & Copywriter Case Study:  Kalish & Sons®


Los Angeles Branding Consultant & Copywriter Scott Silverman was asked by fine artist Michael Kalish to consult on the development of a new line of products he was testing on Kickstarter. The artist is most widely known and collected for his license plate sculptures and metal roses, but his Mohammad Ali exhibit is the work that caught, and continues to catch, Silverman’s imagination.

The Message-centric Branding® process

With a reputation for digging deeper, branding consultant Silverman collaborated with the artist on arriving at some fundamental definitions for the Kalish & Sons brand, its targets, the style of its communications, etc. Naturally, because Silverman thinks position before brand, he crafted a Unique Value Proposition that would strategically center all future work. Branding exercises and Silverman’s driven yet good-natured prodding helped bring clarity, focus and business intensity to the proceedings.

The creative services deliverables and their results

L.A. branding consultant Silverman provided guidance on product development, selection and pricing, produced a pinpoint creative brief, product copy for the website and a script for the company’s video. Paying homage to American craftsmanship in all its varied forms and capturing the smart voice of the evolved modern male were critical to everybody involved. The Kickstarter campaign was a smashing success, meeting its goal and introducing the artist to a whole new audience.

(Later work with Kalish included developing a fresh biography for the artist. After that, brand planning and strategy work for another product/project around the theme of love.)

Your branding takeaways

Branding means business. Though your brand may be expressed in creative ways, it’s important to remember that what you’re really striking is a business partnership… a partnership that strikes at the core of the business. The more seriously you take your fundamentals, the more fun you can have… later!