Los Angeles Brand Positioning Consultant & Copywriter Case Study: TPC®


Los Angeles brand positioning consultant and copywriter Silverman was asked to consult on the creative work coming out of TPC, the nationwide consortium of golf courses associated and by the PGA. The marketing manager was familiar with Silverman’s work due to prior experience working together at a notable Jacksonville design shop.

The Message-centric Branding® process

Branding consultant Silverman reviewed both prior marketing work as well the output a larger branding agency had delivered. Rather than propose further brand discovery, along with its associated time and costs, he chose to guide the company down a path to tighten up their fundamental positioning. Equipped with a refined Unique Value Proposition and a tighter set of creative brief, he was able to provide actionable advice and market-facing copy. Later, a tour of their facilities and a day trip to one of their most prestigious properties helped him gain an even deeper understanding of the organization’s strengths and culture.

The creative services deliverables and their results

The first assignment was a repair job on another agency’s work, a print campaign. The improvements Silverman suggested, including new headlines, resulted in a 288% increase in responses. In subsequent years, Articulated Brands® was asked to develop entirely new print campaigns, to provide input into various properties’ marketing and to consult on the company’s new website. One of those print campaigns, grounded in the tagline “It’s a good day for golf,” helped the entire golfing world (both golfers and golf courses alike) better understand the unique partnership between TPC and PGA… and how that leads to golf experiences like no others. The campaign ran year after year after year… saving the company thousands in creative expenses.

Your branding takeaways

At Articulated Brands®, the question isn’t how “brandy” or creative can we get. The question isn’t blue or red, short copy or long copy. The question, for both culture and communications, is what do we have that’s worth celebrating? If you can get that right… and you can sing that song in the right key… you’re halfway home to branding that makes the needle dance.